About Us

The Active Gaming Company serves a variety of marketplaces. We understand the different needs of each market and work closely with clients determine the right products and programming for them. We pride ourselves on delivering products individuals of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy. Let us help you make fitness fun.

Our Mission

The Active Gaming Company promotes physical activity through interactive fitness equipment. Our goal is to develop and deliver products that do more than just burn calories – we provide interactive fitness equipment that stimulates the brain and makes fitness fun.

Our Approach

The AGC concept is simple: We make fitness fun. The equipment we develop and distribute produces an unparalleled workout experience for users. Each item we sell stimulates the mind and muscles for a total body workout.

We are committed to delivering the best active gaming products around. The AGC develops and distributes top-of-the-line active gaming technology. We also provide clients with training and tools that keep the product interesting and relevant to users. Because of this, individuals of all ages can enjoy active gaming equipment.

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  • What is active gaming?
    Active gaming (also known as exergaming) combines interactive gaming with physical activity to enhance workouts and incorporate socialization among users. Active gaming equipment stimulates the body and brain to deliver a fitness experience unlike any other.
  • Who uses active gaming?
    Active gaming can be used by any organization looking to improve individuals’ phyiscal health. Schools, recreational centers (e.g. YMCAs, JCCs), health clubs, hospitals, and rehab centers all use active gaming to enhance their already successful fitness programs. Want to see who is using The AGC’s products now?  Take a look at how various markets are using our products.
  • Who is The Active Gaming Company?
    The Active Gaming Company is a group of fitness and technology professionals who want to strive to make fitness fun and interactive for individuals of all ages and levels. Our executives and team members have been heavily involved in the design, manufacturing and sale of high technology products for well over 20 years.   Have more questions, contact us!
  • What products do you carry?
    The Active Gaming Company sells the best active gaming equipment. We sell a variety of products that are equipped with accelerometers, LED lighting, sound, infrared and many more high technology offerings. Check out a list of our products now